The Main Event

So we’re just six days away from the big ride.  The biggest training rides are all done, the maps are printed, the granola bars have been purchased and we feel like we’re ready to go.  We just want to make sure everyone knows that we will be leaving the Sparty Statue at 7 am sharp this Saturday.  Come on out and snap some pictures and cheer us on as we leave.  If you want to join in for part of the ride, you are welcomed to do so (the more the merrier)!  We’ll be heading down Grand River for the first 30 miles before breaking off just before Howell.  We’ll probably take a couple short breaks for water and snacks in Williamston and Fowlwerville so those would be fine turn-around points if you come out for part of the ride.  Check out the page for the route to get all the details.


For those of you in the St. Clair Shores area, we hope to be pulling up to the Michigan Lupus Foundation offices around 6pm.  Weather, winds and flat tires could change the timing but we’ll do our very best to meet you at the finish line on time.  We’re all getting really excited and we hope you are too.

st c shores


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