Gratitude: Part 1

We would like to start off by saying THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who has contributed to our cause. On April 4th, when we first made our fundraiser public, we were worried about whether or not we’d hit our goal of $1160… which we hit within twelve hours. Over the last month and a half, your donations have passed $6000 (which includes a few checks that were mailed directly to us).  This is an amount that is completely unexpected, but wonderful.  So thank you.


Gracias, merci, danke, mahalo, cheers and arigato!

But, even more than the donations (which will greatly benefit the mission of the Michigan Lupus Foundation), we are grateful for all the kind words that you’ve shared with us.  All the messages on the blog, the encouragement on the fundraiser page and the emails that found their way to our in-boxes make us more humble and more excited.  Keep the good vibes coming because we love to hear it!

That being said, we’re now just TWO DAYS AWAY from the big ride and now we want you to put away the check books and sit back and enjoy the show.  We’ll be packing our bags and pumping up the tires and our plan is to get a whole bunch of pictures on the day of the big event so stay tuned.

As a bonus, we’ve got a little footage of our 2nd training ride, heading out from the Sparty Statue and rolling down Grand River.

PS: did I say “thank you” yet?


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