To anyone who has read my story,

On May 18th, 2013 we rode 100 miles for Lupus awareness. We did it! It’s done and it was great. We took breaks throughout the way, making sure we stayed hydrated and fueled up. Your body works like one serious machine when you’re going that kind of distance. There were plenty of little happenings within the ride itself – including stops at a couple different parks, jumping in a lake, and some off-road biking.

Since May is Lupus awareness month, we wanted to bring more understanding to a disease that doesn’t get a lot of recognition.  For me, three years ago this ride was completely improbable. Today it isn’t. In light of our achievement hopefully one person, with or without Lupus, can see that there’s a lot in life to appreciate.  We also wanted to do a century ride simply because we could – something to cross off the bucket list because this was a fun thing to do.

Biking 100 miles was a challenge, but so is life. Challenges are what make you feel alive, they give meaning and appreciation to the things we take for granted. I don’t consider myself to be any more of an inspiration than my roommates. None of this would have happened without them. I am just a girl who told her story. Lupus is a disease that showed me a very negative side of life. It gave me the option to give up or to fight on. And I don’t like to give up.

Thank you all so much for the positive support. There’s no way to describe what all this has meant to me in words, but I can say that it has been awesome. This whole experience has been awesome. Onward to the next adventure! Don’t miss the video compilation of our bike ride from the beginning.   

With much love and appreciation,


A final thank you to a few essential people who helped along the way:

MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS, Aaron Petrovich, Barbara Aikman at Blue Lake Lodge, Pat Aderhold, Gerg Ondrus, Mikey Davidson, Full Speed Ahead, Hockey Players Assemble, the Michigan Lupus Foundation, the Michigan Big Show with Michael Patrick Shiels, WLNS TV 6 Lansing, the State News, and the Mining Journal.



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