To anyone who has read my story,

On May 18th, 2013 we rode 100 miles for Lupus awareness. We did it! It’s done and it was great. We took breaks throughout the way, making sure we stayed hydrated and fueled up. Your body works like one serious machine when you’re going that kind of distance. There were plenty of little happenings within the ride itself – including stops at a couple different parks, jumping in a lake, and some off-road biking.

Since May is Lupus awareness month, we wanted to bring more understanding to a disease that doesn’t get a lot of recognition.  For me, three years ago this ride was completely improbable. Today it isn’t. In light of our achievement hopefully one person, with or without Lupus, can see that there’s a lot in life to appreciate.  We also wanted to do a century ride simply because we could – something to cross off the bucket list because this was a fun thing to do.

Biking 100 miles was a challenge, but so is life. Challenges are what make you feel alive, they give meaning and appreciation to the things we take for granted. I don’t consider myself to be any more of an inspiration than my roommates. None of this would have happened without them. I am just a girl who told her story. Lupus is a disease that showed me a very negative side of life. It gave me the option to give up or to fight on. And I don’t like to give up.

Thank you all so much for the positive support. There’s no way to describe what all this has meant to me in words, but I can say that it has been awesome. This whole experience has been awesome. Onward to the next adventure! Don’t miss the video compilation of our bike ride from the beginning.   

With much love and appreciation,


A final thank you to a few essential people who helped along the way:

MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS, Aaron Petrovich, Barbara Aikman at Blue Lake Lodge, Pat Aderhold, Gerg Ondrus, Mikey Davidson, Full Speed Ahead, Hockey Players Assemble, the Michigan Lupus Foundation, the Michigan Big Show with Michael Patrick Shiels, WLNS TV 6 Lansing, the State News, and the Mining Journal.



Gratitude: Part 2

We had SO many people donating time, money and good spirit to our cause that we hesitate to single anyone out, but our friends at Full Speed Ahead made a very generous donation of bike goodies that kept us safe on Saturday.  Our bikes were the beneficiaries of some durable tires and tubes that let us spend more time riding and less time fixing flats.  They were put to the test with no problems when we landed on some rougher trails Saturday.  We also got some shorts and jerseys that made sure we were riding in style!

Check out fancy duds, modeled by the Gearly Beloved team:


Thanks so much to Mr. Mike Lawless for contacting us and making sure we had all the equipment we needed to make the journey.  We were safer and faster thanks to your support!

The Big Day

Yesterday was the day of the big ride and boy did we carpe the diem!  Thirteen hours of riding, 105(ish) miles and 16,000 collective calories later we made it to St. Clair Shores. There will be more stories, pictures and gratitude soon, but for now we just wanted to let you now that we made it in safe.

Thanks again and stay tuned!

photo (1)

Gratitude: Part 1

We would like to start off by saying THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who has contributed to our cause. On April 4th, when we first made our fundraiser public, we were worried about whether or not we’d hit our goal of $1160… which we hit within twelve hours. Over the last month and a half, your donations have passed $6000 (which includes a few checks that were mailed directly to us).  This is an amount that is completely unexpected, but wonderful.  So thank you.


Gracias, merci, danke, mahalo, cheers and arigato!

But, even more than the donations (which will greatly benefit the mission of the Michigan Lupus Foundation), we are grateful for all the kind words that you’ve shared with us.  All the messages on the blog, the encouragement on the fundraiser page and the emails that found their way to our in-boxes make us more humble and more excited.  Keep the good vibes coming because we love to hear it!

That being said, we’re now just TWO DAYS AWAY from the big ride and now we want you to put away the check books and sit back and enjoy the show.  We’ll be packing our bags and pumping up the tires and our plan is to get a whole bunch of pictures on the day of the big event so stay tuned.

As a bonus, we’ve got a little footage of our 2nd training ride, heading out from the Sparty Statue and rolling down Grand River.

PS: did I say “thank you” yet?

The Main Event

So we’re just six days away from the big ride.  The biggest training rides are all done, the maps are printed, the granola bars have been purchased and we feel like we’re ready to go.  We just want to make sure everyone knows that we will be leaving the Sparty Statue at 7 am sharp this Saturday.  Come on out and snap some pictures and cheer us on as we leave.  If you want to join in for part of the ride, you are welcomed to do so (the more the merrier)!  We’ll be heading down Grand River for the first 30 miles before breaking off just before Howell.  We’ll probably take a couple short breaks for water and snacks in Williamston and Fowlwerville so those would be fine turn-around points if you come out for part of the ride.  Check out the page for the route to get all the details.


For those of you in the St. Clair Shores area, we hope to be pulling up to the Michigan Lupus Foundation offices around 6pm.  Weather, winds and flat tires could change the timing but we’ll do our very best to meet you at the finish line on time.  We’re all getting really excited and we hope you are too.

st c shores

Three to Get Ready

Don’t need no rhyme, don’t need no reason, a’int nothin’ I’d rather do than bike 55 miles on a Sunday afternoon!  We appropriately listened to a little ACDC before we took off on our third and longest ride yet.  The weather was almost perfect, sans a hefty head wind through the last 20 mile stretch.  We made two stops during the trip, to give our legs a breather and our bodies some fuel.  First stop was at Sleepy Hollow State Park and the second at Cancun Mexican Grill.  We all enjoyed the ride and loved the nice weather!

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 11.27.26 PM

May happens to be Lupus Awareness Month, so thank you again for the support and recognition of our bike ride.  The video we promised will be put up after the BIG ride, which is coming up quick in less than two weeks!  We’re getting pretty excited about it.  Please contact us through our blog if you have any questions or would like more information about our fundraiser!

photo (3)

Round Two

With the sun shining and a brisk wind, we went on our second training ride this past weekend!  Just look at those happy faces.  We logged about 35 miles, starting on our home turf at the Sparty Statue on Michigan State’s campus.  The first 14 miles down Grand River gave us an idea of what we can expect for the beginning of the ride on May 18th.


Between staying hydrated and better weather, the ride went very well.  One of the cool things about road biking is noticing and seeing new things along the rides.  We’ve got some footage from this excursion that will be put up later in the upcoming week.  Thanks again for all of the kind words and support, we appreciate all of it. Sparty on and have a great week!

photo (2)